Ceira Telecom, a responsible corporate citizen

Zero CO2 in business travel

Ceira Telecom wishes to expand its development around a fundamental value – responsibility. The growth of our company must therefore go hand in hand with constant consideration of environmental issues, mainly to protect our planet’s natural resources and help to the general effort to combat global warming.

Reducing CO2 emissions generated by human activities is a major challenge for humankind. Ceira Telecom decided to initiate social and environmental responsibility and make its own contribution, by becoming, since 1 January 2015, a company with ZERO CO2 in business travel. Every year, we quantify all CO2 emissions from our business travel (cars, planes, lorries, trains) and offset them fully to be “Zero CO2”. How? We support the Action Carbone Solidaire (Joint Carbon Action) programme run by the GoodPlanet Foundation. This finances concrete carbon offset projects sponsored by NGOs in developing countries for the benefit of the most vulnerable populations: construction of biogas reservoirs in South Mali (2015) and renovation of a primary school in Oulad Merzoug, Morocco to turn it into a bioclimatic school (2016).

It is mainly large companies which have incorporated these social and environmental concerns into their strategy. We are proud to be one of the first SME to commit to this eco-responsible initiative. This responsibility is part of the contract of confidence which binds us also to future generations. These initiatives are part of a culture of responsibility which is a strong DNA marker of Ceira Telecom, adding value to its activity and its employees.

Support for public interest social actions

Ceira Telecom also supports public interest social actions:

  • The “dans le pas d’un ange” (in the footsteps of an angel) association: Ange suffers from cerebral palsy and Little’s syndrome caused by being born prematurely. This association allows him to receive the best Biofeedback treatments in the United States. The association has expanded and now helps other families.
  • The Frédérique SAUSSET Foundation : Mr Sausset, who has had all his arms and legs amputated, was able to take part in the 24 hours of Le Mans, with the goal of promoting social and professional reintegration of disabled people.
  • And many more…