Continuous radio communication

The Decree of 28 May 2015 sets out the new regulations for continuous radio communication by amending Article MS71. Article MS71 amended sets out the new rules on the continuity of radioelectric communications in public-access buildings.

In brief, this order makes it mandatory or authorises as at 1 July 2015 that:

  • The sites with one basement level are not covered by the regulations
  • The initial measurements must be re-studied or repeated
  • Sites of less than 25,000 m2 are covered by a passive solution
  • Sites of more than 25,000 m2 are covered by an active solution
  • Active solutions include Repeaters or RIF
  • SIS are consulted
  • A specialist company like Ceira Telecom carries out annual maintenance and measurements. Correct operation certificates should be inserted in the safety log.

Your continuous radio communication requirements

If you are in one of the following situations, Ceira Telecom has the solution for you:

  • I am finding out about continuous radio communication and I need support in this problem – the safety commission has asked me to check the compliance of my public-access building
  • The control body has told me to make my public-access building compliant
  • I have to maintain my continuous radio communication facilities

Does this seem complicated to you? Not a bother, Ceira Telecom explains everything and looks after everything for you!

Our continuous radio communication services

Ceira Telecom makes life easy for you by offering turnkey services. Our expertise is sufficiently broad to support you from the start to the end of your project.

  • Continuous radio communication compliance study
    Ceira Telecom carries out pre-measurements indicating the compliance level of your public-access building and advises you of whether or not you need to proceed with a technical installation.
  • Administrative validations
    Ceira Telecom produces design packages in line with your needs and carries out all mandatory administrative steps.
  • Continuous radio communication compliance work
    Ceira Telecom carries out continuous radio communication compliance work, including finalising the commissioning without reservations.
  • Maintenance
    Ceira Telecom maintains your site and produces the mandatory correct operation certificates for the safety commission, as required by law.

Our continuous radio communication compliance solutions

Regardless of the surface area of your public-access building, Ceira Telecom has the solution to make it compliant.

  • For sites of less than 25,000 m2, we use a passive solution, developed in partnership with Airbus DS SLC. The passive solution accounts for 90% of our installations.
  • For sites of more than 25,000 m2, we use an active solution (10% of our installations): repeaters or RIF.

Ceira Telecom finds the most efficient and cheapest possible solution for you!

Passive solution: the Airbus passive box

The solution for all public-access buildings under 25,000 m2!

A passive box, developed in partnership with Airbus DS SLC, the designer of the INPT network and supplier of portables to the fire brigade: the best box on the market, at the best price and meeting EC standards.

Installed at the entrance to the building, near the controls, this box communicates in direct mode with areas located in infrastructures. Firefighters can communicate to ensure their safety and that of your users. The Airbus box no longer depends on the constraints of an outside network. Simple to use, thereby optimising the effectiveness of emergency services.
With this Airbus passive box, you can be sure of genuine after-sales service, as the manufacturer guarantees its equipment. And you can rest assured that your equipment will not age prematurely: upgrades are planned under a maintenance contract.

Advantages that make it the best box on the market

– Reliability: an Airbus DS product
– Only CE standard upgradeable box on the market
– 20% cheaper than the repeater active solution
Pooling possible with the private radio

Need a continuous radio communication compliance study? Need to make your public-access building compliant?

Ceira Telecom, with its partners including Airbus-DS, is the company best placed to respond to your questions and support you in making your public-access building continuous radio communication compliant.