Ceira Telecom, radiocommunication specialist and leader in continuous radio communication in France

Created in 2012, Ceira Telecom has quickly become the leading continuous radio communication business throughout France. We also offer private radio services with the possibility of sharing your continuous radio communication equipment to keep costs down (e.g. Motorola or Airbus-DS private radio network: PTI DRM or tetra network).

Multiple skills for a turnkey project

A technical specialist and project manager, our extensive expertise allows us to provide you with turnkey services. Simply explain your problem to us and we’ll do the rest:

  • Compliance measurements
  • Engineering study and package
  • Administrative validations
  • Works (installations and measurements)
  • Maintenance and upgradeability

With Ceira Telecom you have peace of mind!

Efficiency in serving our customers

Efficiency is one of our major concerns. We use the best technologies available whilst attempting to rationalise costs. For example, we offer our customers the possibility of sharing their equipment, thereby saving them 20 to 60% of the cost. Our constant quest for efficiency and quality has led us to forge links with renowned partners. That is how the passive box became a joint development with Airbus DS SCL – the best, most cost-effective box on the market.

Customer satisfaction is a major priority

Ceira Telecom attaches particular importance to the satisfaction of its customers. Each project is unique and deserves special attention. We enter into a relationship of confidence with all our customers and work entirely transparently. Our reactivity is also part of your satisfaction!

Fine results

Ceira Telecom has a number of fine references, including, for example, the continuous radio communication production of the majority of Indigo sites, all Q Park sites, numerous other car parks (Urbis Park, Parcub, Lyon Parc Auto, etc.), museums and miscellaneous public-access buildings. Ceira Telecom has asserted itself as a technical specialist and project manager for a good number of administrative authorities (Evian, Annecy, etc.). See all our achievements on our interactive map.