Private radiocommunication: lone worker protection, communication between several sites

Ceira Telecom provides private radiocommunication systems to the fire brigade, police force, authorities and more generally to all professionals seeking reliable radio communication.

We work on all your radio communication or data transmission problems.

  • Keeping your agents safe : lone worker protection with a pti dati telephone.
  • Permanent service : ensure service autonomy in a power cut or allow your agents to be contactable over an entire town.
  • Confidentiality of communications : so that unauthorised third parties cannot listen to your communications.
  • Other problems: geolocalisation, parking assistance (in-space assistance), connecting the radio to the phone system, etc.

We prefer MOTOROLA products, the world leader.

Together, we can study any particular problem you may have and find the solution to it. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Close-up on the lone worker protection: pti dati telephone

A pti (lone worker protection) dati (lone worker warning device) telephone can keep anyone working alone in an at-risk environment safe thanks to an alarm sent by radio channel. The pti dati telephone can react to a worker falling over due to dizziness, for example, or a long period without him moving or can be activated deliberately. The portable thus sends an alarm to signal that the person is in danger. A single pti dati telephone can thus save the life of your workers!

Are you concerned by lone worker protection? Ceira Telecom is there to support you in this initiative.

Save money by pooling your continuous radio communication equipment

If your structure is already fitted with a continuous radio communication system, Ceira Telecom can use the aerial network already in place to install the private radio. This pooling can save 20 to 60% on the cost of installing a private radio over a stand-alone system.

Pooling is also possible in reverse (installation of continuous radio communication via the private radio equipment) if your private radio has been installed by Ceira Telecom.

Vast range of accessories

Ceira Telecom offers a wide choice of accessories for your private radio: keypad, earphones, etc. Choose from our catalogue and do not hesitate to contact us with the slightest question.

Catalogue available shortly

You need to install a private radiocommunication network within your establishment? Your needs seem complicated to you?
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